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Domain Name: spoon.net.nz

Today the previous owner of spoon.net.nz gave me ownership of his (expired) domain. Thanks to Buzz from GPForums for transferring the domain.

I also installed HotSaNIC today, which shows some interesting stats of the server. The stats are viewable at


Server Reinstalled

A few days ago I reinstalled CentOS on this machine. I was told that Ubuntu was a nice alternative as a server O.S. (essentially a more up-to-date release of Debian), however support for Direct Admin wasn't definite, so I went with CentOS.

After an initial problem with a router blocking ports to the server, everything is now working smooth.

The server's uptime is being monitored by siteuptime.com:
http://www.siteuptime.com/statistics.ph … erId=13614


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